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Here are some of the advantages of the location of the production-warehouse halls near Wrocław:

Convenient geographical location: Gajków and Dobrzykowice are located in close proximity to Wrocław, which means they are easily accessible for both employees and customers from Wrocław and the surrounding areas. The proximity to the A4 highway facilitates the transportation of goods to other parts of Poland and Europe.
Infrastructure availability: There are many companies near of the proposed locations related to the manufacturing and warehouse industry, which means that there is access to a wide range of specialized services such as transportation, logistics, warehousing, and production support.
Skilled workforce: Wrocław is a well known academic center, which means that there is access to a qualified workforce. Additionally, many manufacturing and warehouse companies are already operating in the Wrocław area, which means that there are skilled workers with experience in these industries.
Developed market: Wrocław and its surrounding areas are one of the fastest-growing regions in Poland, which means that there is a high demand for products and services related to the manufacturing and warehouse industry.

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